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Hey Ladies!??

This is the kind of romper that you could wear out or in…it’s beautifully constructed, stretchy and compliments any shape. I am top heavy and have thick thighs and hips. I chose to have them send me a 1X for these reasons. I have a lot of room in the stomach area and in the small of my back. A large would have actually fit me just fine. I knew I didn’t want to wear it all the way buttoned up and there’s plenty of room up top.

As you can see, depending on how high you let it sit, it can be cheeky. I hiked mine up some so the waist would appear more form fitting. It’s super sexy? The bottom part of the Romper can hang as low as the middle-upper part of your thighs. I like mine to sit a little higher as seen in the picture.

If need be, take a look at the size guidelines seen on their ordering page.


Here’s the ordering information:

?Amazon website for secure ordering:
Moxeay V-neck One Piece Bodysuit Long Sleeve Bodycon Romper

Click the link below or copy and paste into your browser

?Checkout with this discount code: VP6LYBLX

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Hot Beach Attire

The beach is the perfect place to show off your curves in super sexy sheer styles.

This gorgeous lacy black beach dress came from a company called Sasflax.

Questions? Email me xoxo

All black everything




Summer is one of the best times to experiment with color…I just love the sun shining down on my face especially when I have a beautiful shade on. This leads me to this lovely find for your puckering pouts!

MAC has a gorgeous line of sheer tinted lip protecting goodies. This particular line is called: Tendertalk Lip Balm…I have it on in the picture. (See caption for the exact color)  They have tons of shades. What’s better than protecting your lips and beautifying them than this? You’re welcome!! Now go pucker up xoxo

This color is called “Sidedish” MAC Tendertalk line
Processed with Rookie Cam


Holiday Season is here! With that comes some bold colors and enticing combinations that have star power. Check out the look I created below.

Be Bold...wear red
Be Bold…wear red


A look like this is achieved using makeup that has staying  power. Lips tend to dry out in the colder months so apply a lip protector or something as simple as “Burts Bee’s” lip balm…I love the coconut mango stick. Line the lips and fill in with Ruby Woo until you achieve the desired intensity. Usually I can apply this color and it lasts all day with few touch ups needed.


I absolutely love NYC shadow sticks…they create striking color combos that will leave you swooning. The key is to blend, blend, blend…don’t be afraid to smudge, the effect should create a type of seamless, well blended variation in color. EXPERIMENT!

What I’m liking the most about Fall is layering…it’s cool enough to do so, but not too cold that I have to really bundle up.  Nothing says comfort to me as much as some tried and true blue jeans paired with a nice , soft cardigan…let’s not forget the heels…gotta have the heels.



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