Mommy Motivation

Someone will perhaps object to what I’m about to say…others no doubt, will agree and hold these words as close to their heart as I do.

Reflections such as these can only come from a woman who looks into her child’s eyes and not only sees the whole universe, but the very essence of herself.

But what about in your eyes?

Most can agree that when you look at a good mother…you’re looking at the highest form of selflessness. She is the most fantastic example of what caring for someone other than herself should look like.

Now let me say this with the greatest care…frankly, a mother with the vision to see past her circumstances will do whatever it takes to ensure her children are financially cared for.  Nor should any attempt be made by anyone to try and thwart the intensity of unconditional love she readily shows for what has come from her.

I believe that some take for granted the depths of motherhood and how it exceeds far beyond anything else known to man. Mothers will do anything for their children by any means necessary.

With that being said, and as far as my observations go…

ONE of the MOST important things to a MOTHER whether she’s married OR single is making sure she is in a position that ENSURES her children are financially taken care of.


What does that look like to someone on the outside looking in?

Let’s take a look at it…

1. She has skills that make her marketable to either be employed by someone or work for herself.

2. She understands and actively practices saving money for her future and her children. She might only be able to put away $20.00 each paycheck…but she’s saving so she doesn’t live “from paycheck to paycheck.”

3. If she decides to marry…she chooses a mate who is willing and capable of providing for her and any children they may have. This mate would share in the belief that financial health is important to the structure of a family.

4. If she divorces and her spouse was the breadwinner…without question, she actively pursues financial support for their offspring and uses those funds for THEM…not her.

5. She doesn’t spend money on a man when it should be spent on her kids.

If you could add to this list…what would you include? What are your thoughts…comment and share.

Remember…there’s no greater joy than being a mama.

In all things, stay encouraged.

Bradley turned TWO!!!?? Watch his VIDEO.

Eeeeeek!! It’s August already!! There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing my little one year old having some fun on the porch in his kiddie pool. I believe in starting him out slow…then gradually graduating to the big pool. Small steps for my little fish. image.png

Holiday Projects for his 1st Christmas:


I originally saw this idea online…it’s a perfect way to showcase the blessing of your baby during Christmas. I used a clear plastic ball ornament…filled it with his hospital cap, our I.D tags, and I actually kept the piece of his dried umbilical cord once it fell off at home…yep, added that in there too. When the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, store all your baby’s 1st Christmas memorabilia in a keepsake box to use again in the years to come.

1st Christmas Ornament
1st Christmas Ornament
Personalized Christmas Stocking
Personalized Christmas Stocking

Hobby Lobby is my go to store for EVERYTHING CRAFTY…get felt letters to add to your project…iron and wallah!

My little man is now 5 months old and has a fascination with his feet…shoes or no shoes ha ha! These are really tasty though… shoes taste so goooood!!
Yessss…new shoes taste so goooood!!

Your child is only as healthy and happy as you are…let that motivate you to be at your best today.




4 thoughts on “Mommy Motivation”

  1. I very much agree with the list of ‘5’ above!! Yet in ‘my’ case it seems the unforeseeable was lying ‘in wait’ at various stages in my life as a Single Mom of ‘3’: Abandonment/Divorce, interruption in ‘my’ college education, lack of family support (from the paternal side), the Recession (yes, the BOTTOM fell out at a point)… Yet all the while I continued against the grain to somehow provide, nurture, feed, discipline, entertain, kiss boo-boo’s, and sometimes even struggle to maintain my family’s livelihood and ‘standard’ of living while showering LOVE on each of my 3 children. I moved across the country from Ohio to Las Vegas after devastating news of cheating and abandonment while their father (of our younger two) was deployed in Afghanistan. When my ex returned he was mean and abusive. With a broken heart I knew I had to leave. Most of my family lived in Ohio but due to lack of opportunity against the odds I decided to reinvented myself with my 10 year old and ‘2’ infants still in diapers. With $800 left over after my move, a month stay with family in Vegas I took half of that little bit of money and put myself through real estate school and embarked upon a 6-figure career in real estate in my 30’s. Just as life had begun to turn around and 3 years into buying a new home, trips to Disneyland, eldest about to start her first year in college and a 4 year hiatus of NOT dating, and with family/career/church taking first priority the Recession came through and wiped us (and half of our Country) out! We lost our Home, our Car.. everything. We had to move yet once again back to Ohio. I bring these instances up only because as a Mom, and a single Mom at that I never allowed this to ‘beat’ me. It was anything but easy still I relied heavily on the ‘love’ I had for my family to push me. Even if it meant working 3 jobs, I somehow did it to provide for my 3 children WITH a calming smile (even when I wanted to cry) to give my children the assurance’s that MOMMY is gonna make EVERYTHING ALRIGHT! My eldest from a previous relationship who was an ‘only child’ for 10 years felt my hurt and caught me on my knees crying out to God on a few occasions. Aside from that, no one from the outside knew ‘my’ real struggle as a GOOD single Mom, not even my younger two had a clue but I refused to give up, nor did I allow my circumstances succumb me into depression and dysfunction. Everyday I reminded myself of what I accomplished alone on mere faith in God and the fuel of motherly LOVE. Today my eldest is a college graduate who is almost finished with Nursing School and she’s married to a fabulous God fearing man. My younger two are 17 yrs old and 16 yrs old. A-B students who speak fluent Japanese and preparing for college. As for me, while weathering the storms I managed to move my family back to Vegas in 2013, and got certified back into Real Estate a year ago and between 2008 to I am licensed Medical Aesthetician/Laser Specialist/Permanent Makeup Practitioner/Professional Makeup Artist who is 2 years shy of being an empty-nester, one year shy of 50yrs old and I now date a sweet, kind handsome young man… I shared my story in hopes to ‘cheer-on’ the Mom who made ‘good’ decisions but due to unforeseeable circumstances may feel defeated, or even to encourage the Mom who may of made some mistakes, or didn’t have the example of a nurturing Mom or a Father (figure) in the house who may be need of hope. To those loving Mom’s I would say to stay focused and to begin to visualize yourself to be the Maternal Game Changer in your own precious Family. Desirae I, like you believe in the true power of a ‘Good Mom’s’ all encompassing love. You are an amazingly loving Mommy to a gorgeous son with smiling eyes and you’re such a beautiful Wife to a Man who knows He is blessed. You and your Family’s example is a ‘Ray of Light’ especially in this generation!!

    I thank YOU for being the passionate vehicle on this topic!

    Robin Rachelle~

  2. Robin,

    I think you showed incredible fortitude in the midst of all the challenges you found yourself facing. So many times I’ve heard stories and have even witnessed women give up and surrender their power to the circumstances instead of fighting for their peace…peace of spirit and peace of mind.

    Your life beautifully pays tribute to what passion and determination can manifest. With three grown children, and the work ethic you have, the world certainly could not bring you down nor keep you there!

    A mother loves from a place that’s untouchable to anyone else but her children. It’s the type of sacred place that has a permanent imprint on her soul…I know you, like me, feel that power everytime you look into the faces of the three beautiful human beings you were called to create.

    Thank you for your kind words…I do my best to be the BEST for my son. Children grow up far too quickly and I view being a mother as a privilege not to be taken for granted.

    I also love that you shared how your 16 and 17 year olds speak fluent Japanese! I lived in Japan many years and picked up some phrases, but nothing close to being proficient like I am in Spanish.

    Thank you again for sharing such a motivational story here.

    Motherhood is magical…and you are FIERCE!!


    1. Great post! I agree with everything you said. I remember moving to the US at the age of 18 with basically nothing. All I knew was that my parents decided that it was best for me to pursue an education here. I never had to worry about anything but school. One thing that I always remember was how well my mother prepared me for that journey, the sacrifices she made after she and my father separated to make sure that I and my siblings lacked nothing. Your definition of a good mother is the perfect one, one who loves unselfishly. I will add , a mother who makes it her priority to instill in the importance of being financially independent to her children and teach them that The only way to plan a financially stable life is to lay the foundations early on. I’m striving to be that kind of mother to my daughter., one who meets her children’s emotional and financial needs. My absolute primary goal is to make sure I provide a financially stable home for my daughter and ensure that I don’t become her “burden” when I retire. Nalani is only two but she already understands the concept and importance of saving, she has been picking up every pennies she can finds in the house because she’s saving to buy a “giant peppa pig” and a “rocket” to go to the moon.

      1. Thank you for your input Lisa!

        You definitely have a set plan of action for your little one. From your response I see she is learning good money values and very quickly!

        A woman with a plan and resources is a dangerous woman in a good way. Not only does a woman set an example for her children to build upon, but it also reminds us mothers especially, that we have something so much bigger than ourselves to nurture, love, guide and protect.

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