“Mad” About Melanin

Yesterday I posted about this beautful woman (Click the link to see her picture) and how she was told she should bleach her skin…

Do you realize that MELANIN is SOLD for around $400 per GRAM? Learn more shocking information by reading my full article.

Sudanese Model: Nyakim Gatwech…she was recently told she should bleach her blackness away.

For anyone who doesn’t know about melanin…it’s produced by a group of cells in the body called melanocytes. The darker your complexion…the more you have. Maybe you’ve heard the phrase, “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice”, well…it’s 100% true and in more ways than you can believe.

Have you ever wondered about some of the reasons black women frequently go missing? Especially in African countries? Just because you may have heard it’s NOT true…doesn’t mean it isn’t.

I’m just asking…it’s not far fetched. Remember Henrietta Lacks? What about the Tuskegee Experiment? Look these things up if you’re unfamiliar. Black skin, cells, and blood have been used for centuries in what’s called, “scientific research.” I’ll spare you the details and simply advise you to LEARN ABOUT BLACK HISTORY…all of it.

Back to blackness…

Melanin is a  patented substance. Back in 2015, a company named “River Road Research” obtained a patent for their method to produce it through a process of leachate fermentation for therapeutic purposes. Back in 1920 research by William John Young completely details this procedure. (See the links below on the extraction process)

Even though melanin is known to be extremely difficult to isolate, it’s also known to produce physical and electrical properties. These properties are especially beneficial to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Do not believe for a minute that dark skin is undesirable…quite the opposite, and the amount of brainwashing about skin color is disgusting.

Check out Martina Big pictured here. She’s been working with doctors to inject the substance derived from melanin called, ((Melanotan II)) into her bloodstream to “turn herself” into a black woman. She’s not the first person to do this.

Martina Big…turning herself into a black woman through medical procedures.

Black skin is so beautiful that people are killing for it. Dark skin supplies some of the best protection against all sorts of things.
Thinking needs to be rewired. The lies and conditioning involved in the reason behind why self hate even exists have been completely manufactured.

Wake up and smell the coffee…black, no cream, no sugar.

What are your thoughts?

Check out these links and do your own research about melanin.

The American Journal of Medicine


Chemical and Engineering News


Melanin Extraction Process


2 thoughts on ““Mad” About Melanin”

  1. APPLAUDS!! I’ve been knowing this and the scientific data AND BLACK HISTORY that supports all that you’ve shared. It sickens me to know how centuries of oppression has effected Black (Melanated) people, not just in America but even in Africa! As a Medical Aesthetician who has studied under 12 Dermatologist I seen and learned a lot! I have had to administer cryotherapy, which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy abnormal cells. It is usually used to treat cancerous and precancerous skin conditions of those who do not naturally possess enough melanin to protect their epidermis. What’s even worse, is the historic ‘paper bag’ test of the Renaissance Harlem/Cotton Club era, Jim Crow, House N***** Field N***** psych that has done damage to how some of ‘us’ as Black people view ourselves. We must wake up, open our eyes and see the beauty, value and God-given richness of who WE ARE and what we naturally possess. They want what we have!! Thanks for your informative piece!

    1. Thank you Robin…the more I think I know, the more I learn.

      MELANIN is beautiful and divine thing, and possessing it is a gift that makes some people very uneasy and envious.

      As you said…The Jim Crow laws, Cotton Club era have done some very heavy damage to the way black people look at each other…if people only understand, acknowledge, and accept that we have been brainwashed then real healing and change can occur. It runs so deep, so deep that it continues to cross generation after generation after generation.

      I only learned about Henrietta Lacks about a year ago…how many of her are there and what else has the black female helped in discovering are my two remaining questions.

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