Opening up the box that’s been delivered.

“Having to REPEATEDLY discuss the same things to someone has more to do with THEIR lack of “receiving” the information, rather than YOUR lack of “communicating” it.”


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8 thoughts on “Opening up the box that’s been delivered.”

  1. I agree, but also you have to realize that not everyone learns, understands and comprehens at the same level.

    I have written you several times, but you never respond back.

    1. Hey Jesse…thanks for the feedback.

      I believe you are messaging me on the Facebook Fan Page instead of here…this mode is more readily used.

      You are correct…not everyone learns, understands or comprehends information in the same capacity or at the same rate.

      Who then do you believe gets the most frustrated…the sender or the person who is supposed to receive the information?

  2. With all the experience I’ve been thru, I believe what you say to be accurate and not just work one but several different people.

    1. Hi Maribel!

      I like your feedback. Isn’t experience a great teacher? So many times a message can become lost in “translation” so to speak. But what about times when the message is clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation?

      In my experience…if a specific message is repeated time and time again and there are no changes, that’s evidence of someone who lacks the ability or chooses not to receive what’s so easily being delivered.

      Situations like this are clear examples of it not being the delivery of the message but instead a flaw in the person receiving it.

      1. Correct, I don’t just only see it as a flaw but as a sign of disrespect, perhaps they have given up on the whole relationship and are trying to find an excuse to fight and end things and in some cases they truly and honestly believe they are doing no wrong and expect the other to deal with it or get over it, in which case the relationship ends up a failed one anyways. I have been married twice and have yet to have anyone understand the importance of compromise, caring and understanding each other, as well as respect each other to communicate and make the sacrifice and/or change to make things work. I have literally given up on both marriages, specially since I have spent more than 12 years each to work things out. You get to a point where if they can not help you improve and be successful then they don’t need to be in your life.

    1. Hi Aubrey,

      That’s an interesting observation. If it’s a younger person we can rule out Alzheimer’s. However a mental disorder or the lack of cognitive prowess, could certainly be an issue if someone clearly hears the same thing over and over and STILL doesn’t get it.

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