For the Men: The Gift of A Woman

Hey there…a few weeks ago I talked about the importance of women keeping themselves up…I’m far from perfect, but I’ll be the first to tell you I practice what I preach the best way I can. If you missed it, scroll through the articles here on my site and take a look. Anyhow, in the weeks that have followed that publushing, I’ve continued to get several emails about it, some have been serious and some funny as all get out.

Today though…I’m directing this  to MEN on behalf of women…and whoah, #Warning…it’s “long” simply because some relationships are falling “short.” So, whether you’re already involved…thinking about it, or even getting out of one…read and take careful notes…it just might change your life ?✍?

By the way…if you agree, you’re more than likely doing all the right things…but if ANY of this offends you…there’s probably a good reason and ya might want to think about why.

Ok, Let’s start here…

✔️Just because you have her doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to keep her. She may be physically there with you but mentally she’s checked out…not good.

✔️Remember that anything you place value on in your life needs to be taken care of properly or it begins to lose its “luster”…begins to break down when at one point it ran smoothly. If you’re not putting maintenance into it, what do you honestly expect to happen❓

✔️And…((So what)) if the bills are paid. Do you really think that’s ALL she needs from you to be happy? Well…somebody told you a lie. ANYBODY can provide for her…hell, in most cases SHE can probably provide for herself. What are you doing different? Are you an asset or a liability?

This is hella long isn’t it? Let’s go deeper though…

✔️Put your gooooood glasses on. That’s right…go ahead, get them on right now??If you’re the right man for her, not only will she be getting a provider, but a protector and someone who also professes to her spiritual needs. That’s what we women call a “Whole” man…he takes care of ALL of her…her mind, body, and spirit??If you’re half stepping here, it’s going to show up majorly….you should be running the distance on this one??

?Another thing…if she’s taking care of herself, she’s expecting you to take care of yourself too…nobody wants a lazy ass slacker. Some men even have women who actually encourage them to take better care of themselves and they STILL don’t…but I’m not just talking about health here…it also involves LEARNING new things and expanding your mind. If you’re not growing with her, you’re growing away from her PERIOD. Don’t believe me? ??Ask a man who has a happy woman and I’ll bet he’ll confirm what I’m saying is true.

??When you first got with her she was “baby this” and “baby that”…the compliments about how beautiful she was constantly flowed from your mouth. Where are those compliments now? ??

?IF you’re a SMART MAN they’re STILL coming…and you’re making her feel like the most beautiful woman everywhere you take her…BUT think about it…if you’ve become complacent…YOU may not be showering her with sweet words and admiring glances, BUT best believe OTHER MEN are because they see the same woman you once did?Why you mad though? They aren’t blind, so why are you❓
#CourtHer #StopActingBrandNew

⚖️Women need a balance of masculinity, tenderness AND maturity. Top of the damn list is being CONSISTENT in the positive things you do for her. That speaks volumes. You would be amazed what you can get from a woman when you consistently display love and respect for her. If she doesn’t feel that from you…you’re probably not getting much from her??‍♀️
#Consistency is the?

?Women don’t want to have to remind you of what needs to be done for them or about things you “see” but “ignore” especially in what’s supposed to be your castle. A man whose worth his salt doesn’t do that…too much of that and a woman will start seeing you more like her child rather than the man in her life. ? REAL TALK…Women aren’t attracted to their children in that respect…so if you act like one, you probably won’t be having any fun.

?Let me add something right here for the Ladies…a MAN who puts YOU first will give you what you “need” before you even get a chance to tell him what you “want.” Did you catch that??A helpless and clueless man is super unattractive?

?Treat her like the prize she is or step back and let another wiling participant claim her. I’m so serious, stop wasting her time and yours if you know you can’t exceptionally fill the position. I repeat, she’s the PRIZE…treat her as such.

??Interestingly…the biggest difference between the men who actually get this compared to the ones who don’t, has a lot to do with who raised them and what they were OR were not taught as a child growing up in their house. So men…honestly ask yourself…WHO taught you…literally?

??This has been written out of love, experience and concern. What I stated was clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation. Commenting is a choice, you can agree or not…I still love you?

Thank you for visiting me here.

Now go make it a great day!!

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