She Is The Queen…Not You.


There is More That Meets The Eye

Women are designed to be the ultimate epitome of beauty, grace, and femininity.

Why then do some men in relationships feel threatened by that, thus feeling the need to compete?

If you’re in a relationship and you find yourself upset and jealous because your spouse is receiving more attention than you are personally or professionally, I believe it may be time for YOU to evaluate the reasons why.

Women and men alike are naturally going to gravitate toward the beauty found in a female. If you are a man that is driven solely by your ego, then the attention your woman receives in your presence is going to bother you every single time.

So What Gives?

It’s not that these type of men don’t see what others see in their woman…no, it’s not this at all. The flaw comes in when they don’t want her getting the attention that they themselves fail to give her. I’ll repeat that…the attention that they fail to give her.

Again…these types of men are also ego centered, finding their worth and identity based on what others think of them.
They can’t handle someone as close to them as their own partner getting the same type of attention they themselves desire.

Let’s be fair though.

There are females who compete with the males in their life too.

It happens, but not nearly as often as some men do.


Work on yourself from the inside out. Stop giving the world so much power that you need them to approve of who you are. People…especially the woman in your life will respect you more if you keep it in perspective that she’s the Queen…not you.

If you desire to be her King, know your role and be confident in yourself without being paranoid  and immature when the limelight is shining on her…another sure sign of jealousy.

Stay encouraged.

6 thoughts on “She Is The Queen…Not You.”

  1. Very thought provoking Desirae, and unfortunately, this type of insecurity is seen more often than one might believe. It is fairly common among those whom seek validation from others as you mentioned already. It is quite sad when you think of it. A couple should be celebrating each other as a team that exceeds far deeper than how perceived by the public based upon their exterior appearance. Great post!

    1. Thank you Anita!! Yes, it is quite sad when this happens. It completely unravels the thread that “built” up the relationship to begin with. Thanks for the insightful comment!

    1. Undoubtedly so John…crowns fall when the “head” does though!! Thanks for visiting me here xo

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