Lessons Are Repeated Until They Are Learned

During your lifetime you will most certainly come across people who seem to experience the same circumstances over and over again…yourself included. Most of the time, life reveals itself in incontrovertible ways which lead us to either question what’s happening, as we slowly come to find our answers or ignore the message entirely. Let’s look at the latter possibility first…ignore, ignore, ignore and ignore some more because you think ignoring the situation will make the lesson go away. WRONG…the more you avoid it, the more it will appear in a variety of ways basically until you fall on your ass. Falling on ones ass typically isn’t fun…you’ll learn from it though. Those of you reading this can relate this to your own life, or the life of someone you know. Knowing someone like this can cause headaches…literally. Can you MAKE them get it any quicker? Unfortunately not…what you can do is remind them of how they are repeatedly experiencing things, but even still…they WON’T get it until they’re ready…this holds true for you too…so hopefully this happens sooner rather than later for everyone’s sake. Until that time comes remember…lessons are repeated until they are learned.

How Honest Are You With Your Partner

Think about this…would you rather someone close to you lie about something pertaining to your looks or be honest and express what they think may look better?  Before formulating a judgement on this post….read on.

You know how some women have been known to ask their husbands/boyfriends…”Does this dress make me look fat?” Or something of that nature? It works for BOTH sexes.  It’s one thing to save someone’s feelings, but if you think something on your partner would be more flattering like a certain hairstyle, shirt, etc…do you suggest it or just stay quiet?

We all have preferences and the way one looks is part of  what makes us different this is true. BUT if you don’t particularly care for something about your partner that could be changed for instance, hair, nails, facial hair, Cologne, makeup style, exercise habits, etc…would you be HONEST in saying what bothers you?

I believe most people feel they would offend someone by expressing their preferences because ultimately what a person likes and chooses is their business and as long as THEY like it…that’s all that matters right? Better question…would you want YOUR OWN PARTNER to be completely honest with you and you with them about their/your appearance?


Can YOU Relate?

Here I am bringing you another “Ponderment”…yeah I know, that isn’t a word right? Well, it is now because I’ve just made it one. I’m going to say a few things about advocating for yourself…being your own best cheerleader. Only you can truly feel and understand the passion to accomplish a goal that’s brewing within your spirit.

Can YOU relate to thinking about a plan, a pursuit, a mission soooooo much that it’s the first thing you wake up thinking about? AND at night sleep doesn’t come easy because your mind is literally racing with ideas to further implement what you want?? When you speak with other “likeminded” people THEY can relate, others…uh well, not so much. I’ve learned not to blame them for not being as enthusiastic about things as I am.

The reality is…THEY don’t think about the same things that you do…THEY don’t share the same intensity that you do about what makes you happy or what brings you peace. Does that mean you stop believing in yourself? No…you keep feeding your desire until the seeds you’ve planted sprout into your reality. You nourish your dreams just like you nourish your body. What you put into it either helps it to grow further OR it sucks the energy out of it and it withers. Don’t be a “Witherer”…SEE I did it again…I made up a new word and now it’s a noun representing what a strong person will never become. What brings you joy is your peace…always keep your peace sacred and always help it grow.


Doing Something New Requires CHANGE

The only thing constant is "Change."
The only thing constant is “Change.”

I’m getting ready to start something new…no better way to do this than to launch my new blog today. Whether you’re male or female, I am so glad you’re here because my topics are relatable to both sexes. It feels great to motivate others and in turn, to be motivated myself. I’ll be the first to admit that doing new things can be scary…BUT, how do you expect a change to happen in any area of your life when you aren’t even being HONEST with yourself about what you need to change? You can think about something all day long, but until you direct that thinking into “effort” you’re simply spinning your wheels like a hamster with nowhere to go. Now that sucks! I’m not going to allow fear to paralyze me…Don’t let that be you either! I welcome you to  scroll down and SUBSCRIBE.  I plan to be very candid and will be telling you all more about this in my next blog entry…until then, go to the drop-down menu on the right and click “About Me” as well as other topics of interest. Be blessed and be a blessing.