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I have always found it interesting when people are asked to describe themselves. How can you possibly sum up who you are with words alone?

Human beings are so much more than a bunch of adjectives!  Doing so seems to limit us in terms of opinionated descriptions…but here goes nothing…well actually, here goes everything 🙂

I love to write…let me start with that.

Writing has and continues to be a passion of mine. The delightful variation of topics thrills me to pieces. There is nothing more refreshing than being able to take a subject and expand it into an enlightening exchange of ideas from my mind to yours.

Its liberating.  A passionate high of sorts.

In getting to the meat and potatoes of things…I am first and foremost a WOMAN, with that, I encompass so many other things.

Being a woman has also led me to be a wife and a new mother. I have a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Language Acquisition/Linguistics.  Apart from my experience working within schools, I have and still do model and act. I absolutely love these forms of expression.

I had my first experiences with modeling in Arizona. In later years that expanded to other states, as well as internationally in Japan where I worked with the best T.V station there, Fox Television, as a spokesmodel and media personality for their “About Town” interviewing segments.

Traveling and learning about the world are huge interests of mine. Aside from Asia, I’ve also lived in a variety of places including Europe. Having some depth of cultural awareness is something I admire in others and outwardly practice in myself. I’d say I’m pretty fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish…it’s such a beautiful language.  I’d like to also master French one day, so it’s on my list.

As a First Time Mom, I am currently staying home and enjoying my beautiful son, all while working and managing my writing and media marketing business. The time I’m able to spend with him is priceless. My heart is full everyday in the presence of his smile. He is my “Why.”

Over the years, I have cultivated the ferocity to be passionate about what moves me. Motivating others moves me…inspiring myself moves me…doing what I love moves me…noteworthy causes move me. My life MOVES ME.

There’s nothing more motivational than being the best version of me that I can be by continuously learning, growing , and knowing that with God…ALL things are possible, that leaves nothing out.

For more information on my writing services…type “writing services” into the search box in the top right corner.

Stay encouraged and continued blessings.


8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Lee, Great Blog & topics ” true things” You write really well little sister. I will be reading . Best of luck to you in this endeavor

    Love you

    1. Thank you so much Michael! I do the best I can and will continue to share and shed light on relevant topics. Love ya bro xo

    1. Thank you so much. It feels grand to be able to share pieces of myself as a way to encourage and inspire.

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